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Can my child get a quality education at a Christian school?

Yes! PGPA is currently seeking the approval of the TN State Board of Education Early Education Department. PGPA’s administrative staff’s professional experience has always worked with this entity to ensure top quality education. We are currently working on PGPA approval which should be obtained at the start of the school year 2016. Our Christian learning community will serve a family of students with varying gifts and abilities. Small classes do make a significant difference; students of Power and Grace Preparatory Academy will be taught with high expectation. There will be abundant opportunities to excel; however, students' and parents willingness to take part of the responsibility for their own learning--in any school--is critical to their success.

In addition to solid academic training, students are regularly reminded of the spiritual foundation upon which all academics are built. “In [Christ] are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3). At PGPA, critical thinking skills and academic rigor are developed not simply for the purpose of gaining knowledge, but also for challenging students to apply their gifts and abilities for a lifetime of learning and service to God.

What is a Christian education?

Some schools prepare students for an occupation; others equip students for life. Christian schools are somewhat like charter schools; however, instead of offering a curriculum that specializes in a certain field such as math, fine arts, or vocational training, the development of a Christian perspective and godly character are central to the school day.

Certified teachers of PGPA will consider the needs of the whole child--his intellectual, emotional, and physical growth, as well as his spiritual development. (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

I think my child has a Christian teacher next year in the public system. Isn’t that almost the same as having her enrolled in a Christian school?

While Montgomery County has many caring and capable teachers serving in local government schools, they cannot openly pray with students, or talk about a biblical worldview. Christian teachers in a school where they are not allowed to teach about God are in an incredibly difficult position because they are not legally permitted to use the most important tool that they have—the Word of God. It is the Word of God that changes us and is the very basis for all truth. Christians grow and are made more like Christ as they hear the Word of God.

The average student has spent 11,340 hours in school by the time they finish eighth grade. Luke 6:40 says that “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”

Many of my friends say they want their kids to be “salt and light” in the public schools. Shouldn’t we do that?

Yes, Christians should strive to be salt and light everywhere we go. Yet no matter how well-prepared your children are, few seven-year-olds or even twelve-year-olds can effectively explain the Gospel. Is your child prepared to explain a biblical worldview or to defend his faith?

Most children are still at a time in life when they need to learn to become "salt and light," and are not equipped, emotionally or spiritually, to witness to their non-Christian peers. In cases in which a young person might be up to the task, placing a child in public school for the primary reason of being "light and salt" would put them under tremendous pressure.

I went to public school and I turned out fine. Can’t my children do the same?

Like you, your kids can turn out fine, or even more than fine. “Fine” does not necessarily mean that all of our choices along the way were the right ones, or that your educational experience was the best one.

Are you the same person today that you would have been if you had attended a Christian school? What journey brought you to know Christ? How would the added support of a consistent message from your home, church, and school have encouraged and equipped you to know and live for Him?

These are questions only you can answer. Consider them, and ask God what His will is regarding your children’s education.

If I put my children in Christian school, will I be sheltering them from the real world?

Christian schools face the same reality that public schools do: sinful people living in a fallen world. We are all susceptible to selfishness, anger, and unkind words. No matter where your children attend class, they can hardly escape the contemporary influences found in movies, books, and television.

Ironically, some parents elect not to enroll in a Christian school because they feel it is too sheltered, and a number of parents will withdraw their children from Christian schools when they realize that the students and parents enrolled are real people who are facing real problems.

The difference in a Christian learning community is that teachers and parents can openly pray with students and talk about our very real God. Together, we apply Biblical thinking in response to our thoughts or actions, and with God’s help, renew the mind of the child. By doing so, Christian schools have a better chance of helping parents raise young people who have been trained for godly living and thinking. When students do face these issues on their own, they’ll be better equipped to handle them.

My child wants to play sports, PGPA does not have an athletic program. What should I do?

PGPA students will be encouraged to actively participant in community sports and local public-school sports teams. PGPA will encourage physical activity daily and will plan activities to that end.

My child's friends go to public school. What should I do?

If your children have good friends at the public school, it is only natural that they’ll want to be together. Thankfully in our community, there are many opportunities through the church, theater, and sports to keep in touch with friends who may not attend the same school.

The fact that the parents of your children's friends have chosen to send their children to a different school should never deter you from making the best decision for your child’s needs--which may not be the same as those of a friend, or even a sibling. Ultimately, the decision is yours; the Bible is clear that the primary responsibility for educating children rests with their parents.

Is a Christian school a safe place?

Christian schools are a safe environment for your children to spend eight hours a day. In addition to physical well-being, Christian schools offer a healthy emotional and spiritual environment. While Christian school students are not faultless, disrespectful words and actions are not overlooked. Because teachers approach all of life with a biblical worldview, socially-tolerant attitudes and immoral behaviors are not endorsed, which helps guard your children’s minds against compromising the guidelines that God established to protect the abundant life He desires us to experience.

When is the best time to put my children in a Christian school?

If at all possible, have them taught from a Christian perspective every day of their lives. As Solomon writes, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Placing your children in a public school is not a sin. The question is not, “Is it permissible?” but “Is it beneficial?” Your task as a loving parent will be much easier if your children are placed in an educational environment that reinforces, rather than refutes or ignores, biblical principles taught in your home.

Only 3% of 13 year-olds in the United States have a biblical worldview according to Barna's research, which also reveals that a person’s worldview is “primarily shaped and firmly in place by age 13”--before they enter high school. At PGPA, we desire to reinforce and/or introduce Christ into the lives of the students.

Will attending Christian school make my children Christians?

No. Because Christian schools share God’s Word with their students daily, your children will have more opportunities to accept Christ than they would in any other educational setting. While there are no guarantees, since God has not promised that everyone who hears the Gospel will embrace it, scripture says that faith in Christ “comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).

Whether your children come to faith in Christ during their school years or not, their time in a Christian learning community will give them a better understanding of the Bible, and should they eventually accept Christ, they will be better able to defend and share their faith with others.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

All full-time teachers must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. They must be certified either by the State of TN or by the accrediting agency, the Association of Christian Schools International, which is recognized by the TN Department of Education. PGPA seeks experienced professionals who are dedicated to the highest quality of classroom learning in a spiritual environment. All teachers are striving to be Christians and demonstrate a vibrant relationship with God.

Is Power & Grace Preparatory Academy affiliated with a church?

No, PGPA is an independent Christian school co-founded by Mrs. Katobwa Stallworth, experienced Christian School educator with 10 years’ experience. Mrs. Stallworth received a master’s degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Educational Leadership. Dr. Gregory P. Stallworth is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Stallworth attended seminary at Andersonville Theological Seminary and graduated with a Doctorate degree in Pastoral Leadership. Trinity Church

What are the school hours?

Classes begin at PGPA at 8:00 AM. Release time is 3:00 P.M. Before and after school care is available from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Offices are open from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

Please describe the school lunch program.

PGPA will cater lunches for students if desired by the parents or students can bring sack lunches daily.

Is the school accredited?

PGPA will be eligible to begin the accreditation process starting in the 2017-2018 school year. PGPA will seek its accreditation from two accrediting bodies simultaneously. (AdvancED and Association of Christian Schools International)

Do you offer any extra-curricular activities/ Field Trips?

PGPA will enrich the curriculum with foreign languages, public speaking, etiquette, art and performing art. PGPA will work diligently to ensure that students experience at least two off-campus field trips.

Is financial aid available?

At this time, scholarships and/or financial aid is not available. Tuition payment plans are available ranging from monthly, bi-monthly, semester, and yearly.

Does the school have an emergency disaster plan?

PGPA will follow the TN Department of Education and the local Fire Marshal guidelines for emergency disaster plan protocol.

Does the school have a summer program?

PGPA will offer a summer math and science camp. The camp will span a 6 week period. Dates and tuition TBA.

Do the students participate in standardized testing?

The students of PGPA will participate in standardized testing (Brigance, Stanford 10, Lap-D, DRA reading level testing)

Does the school provide bus transportation?

At this point, PGPA does not provide transportation. Parents and/or authorized persons can transport students to and from school.
It is a future goal to provide transportation.

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